Sunday, September 28, 2008

What an amazing day!

Beauty is something you never tire of...or so we have found today! Around every bend in the road and over every mountain pass, we were continually in awe of what we were seeing. Each time we thought that it could not get any better - we were wrong.
We began the day by attending a small church in town and then went into Breckenridge for lunch at a little cafe. After enjoying the delectable foods, we headed off to see the Aspens once again! We took a mountain pass out of town and into the most beautiful area I have ever seen. We were surrounded by the rich colors of the green Pines and the golden Aspens, along with the overhead beauty of the bright blue sky with stark white clouds. The combination was truly breathtaking.
We parked awhile and hiked up into one of the areas where we saw a few wildflowers and birds, along with a little chipmunk and mountain stream. It was quite an experience to hike in this elevation, so Jason and I had to stop and rest for awhile to catch our breath and that is where we saw the delicate butterfly on the flower. It looks fairly large on the picture, but in actuality it was quite small.
We ended our afternoon by heading back into Breckenridge to rest at Starbucks and enjoy some warm coffee (it was pretty chilly by this time) where we met alot of great people from all over the country. We enjoyed hearing their stories and visiting with them.
As we headed back to the resort we asked ourselves again, "Are we really here?" It was truly an amazing day and we praise God that He has allowed us to be here.

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Jim Perdue said...

Hey Guys,
Welcome to the world of blogging. Hope you guys are doing well. Beautiful pictures of Colorado!