Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Gorgeous Day

Jason and I began the day by heading back to the Continental Divide with the intention of hiking to the top to have a picnic lunch and enjoy the views. As the old saying goes, "the best views are at the top". Well we wouldn't know because we never made it that far!
We did however make it to about 13,000 feet and we felt very proud to do that. There were some incredible views and we spotted a lake near the lower part of the mountain that we would not have known was there had we not hiked up far enough to see it. We considered that our reward when we drove over to it later and enjoyed it's peaceful beauty. The water was so matter where we were we could see the bottom perfectly!
Afterwards we drove back to the resort and decided to take a bike ride through Keystone. There is this lovely biking trail that runs alongside of a stream and parallel with the main road. We rode along happily on our way into town, but it wasn't long before Jason pointed out that we had been gradually descending the whole time and would have to take the same route back so we better be careful how far we go. I am glad that we stopped at that point because by the time we reached the resort again we were both exhausted! We were so tempted to stop and walk the bikes back at times, but we could not give in....we had to go all the way so we would feel that we truly had accomplished a great feat of strength! We realized that we were not as athletic as we thought we were as other bikers zipped past us talking on their cell phones and looking completely relaxed & rested while we huffed & puffed and called out encouragement to each other to make it to the end!
One of the highlights of our time biking was when we stopped along the stream and sat together on a little wooden bench to rest and talk. It was such a beautiful setting, so serene and peaceful, that we decided to pray together and give thanks for our marriage & family. It was one of those moments where you felt as if you might cry, but really we were too out of breath to do so!
We really are having a great time here and I think we both have been reminded that life is such a gift and God's goodness is unfailing!

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