Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Colorado - A Dreamy State

Truly Alive! That is the phrase that runs through my mind as we travel around this beautiful place! I don't know if it is the cool, crisp air, the natural beauty, or the elevation getting to us, but we feel more alive here than ever before! (Or maybe it is the absence of five busy boys &various real life duties?) Whatever it is, it is a wonderful feeling!
I think others must feel the same way when they come to this place. The more people we have met, the more we have heard of those who have visited Colorado, fell in love with it, and moved here to live out their lifelong dreams. Apparently this is not a new thing or so we learned as we visited Georgetown today to learn the history of this "gold-rush state". In the 1800's people flocked here to pan for gold in in hopes of fulfilling their dreams and making a good life for their families.
We too have felt the effects of this dreamy place. When you see the amazing beauty and the greatness of this place, your mind just kind of soars and you start to believe that truly your own dreams may be possible. What are they incomparison to this? I mean if God can make something so vast & incredible, can He not do something miraculous with us as well? Hasn't He already? God is able to take simple, raw materials and make outstanding works of art that speak to the heart of all who see them - and this is just in nature! Imagine what He can do with a life fully surrendered to Him, with people that will believe that He can!

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