Monday, July 6, 2009

Nearly Time!!!

Only 10 more days and I am boarding a plane and headed to the other side of the world! I cannot even describe all of the feelings and thoughts that are running through my mind these days.
Of course, there is the excitement of going to another country with a completely different culture to share the good news of Jesus Christ...but with that comes a little apprehension. What will it be like? What can I expect? Will I get sick? Will my husband and kids survive without me? etc....
Currently, I am in the packing phase. I have pulled out all of my clothing that I have collected so far (we have to dress differently because of the culture) and the gifts I have stock-piled to take to the nationals who I will be working with each day. I am compiling a never-ending list in my mind of all of the last minute things I need to remember...intense bug repellant, malaria medication, Bibles for the leaders, finish making the bracelets to take over, and on and on it goes!
The funny thing is that I have tons of stuff to take, literally a 2-pg packing list, but I am only allowed 2 suitcases and a carry-on with weight limits! How will I ever fit it all in, package it correctly, and make it there with everything I need to bring with me? It's not like there is a Wal-Mart down the street I can run to if I forget something important! We will be in primitive villages lined with huts with Jesus and each other and that is it! But of course, that is all we need...I must keep reminding myself of this fact.
Over all, I do have a great peace about going (even if it doesn't sound like it). I am humbled to be able to take the gospel to people who have never heard the name of Jesus. To think back to when God changed my life and brought me into his family - never would I have dreamed that He would use me at all - even more so in another country! I am thankful that God chooses the foolish to become wise and the weak to be made strong for His glory and purposes! I cannot wait to see what the Holy Spirit accomplishes in the lives of those who will hear in 10 short days...I keep thinking of the souls that I will spend eternity with because of our trip to Africa! How awesome that we will take part in fulfilling Scriptures - that in Heaven some from every tribe and tongue will worship God together. It is an amazing fact that God uses ordinary people like me and you to accomplish eternal purposes! What a miracle that we are entrusted by God Himself with the greatest message ever shared!

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