Monday, July 20, 2009

Cristy in Africa-Day 4 by Jason

Well, it is now 9:40 and I have finally gotten everyone calmed down and in the bed. Today was a good day. Got up early, went to store and picked up some milk and cereal for the boys. Ben got the boys up and going around 9:00. The Dinn's picked up Nathan and Luke to spend the day at there home. Becky Garner picked up Caleb and Jacob and were off to the water park. Ben came to the church for the MS Serve Day. I am so proud of that boy! He is really growing up to be a fine young man. So mature to be 14. Sure, sometimes I wonder about him, but overall the boy gets the job done and really does it well. I picked Ben up some Chick-fil-a w/ a Chocolate Milkshake to surprise him because he has been such a help since Cristy has been gone. Then, I took the van to have tires put on and oil changed and got a burger at The Collegiate "WOW, what a hamburger" All by myself I sat there and all I could think about was Cristy. I have never since we have been married been cut off from communication from her like this. It is driving me crazy!! I just wish I could hear her voice for just 1 minute. I guess it just really sank in while I was sitting there by myself. Well, I got up, got over it and walked back over to Harrison Tire and got my van and headed back to the BUSY office. Lots of work to do. 42 people gave there lives to Christ yesterday and 47 last week at the Outreach at Fairstreet. Much follow up to do and we are working hard on that. Worked on that for a while and Ben came over to my office after he was done painting in the MS room and I ran him home to meet Becky Garner w/ Jacob and Caleb around 4:00. Went back to my office and worked for about another hour and headed to p/u Luke and Nathan from the Dinn's. Got everyone home and we had a family meeting before heading over to Randy and Nikki Grizzle's for dinner. Great evening,great food, and awesome fellowship!! Talked more of Cristy with them and how much we were all just wanting to talk with her. Tonight when we got home, my precious little Luke broke down. He told me, while in tears "I am so sad and why can't mommy just come back home?" OH, that was hard on me. At that moment, I realized even more than I ever have before how much we all desperately need her. Thank God for marriage and family! What a gift from the Lord. If you read this, please pray for all of us. Cristy, when you read this, know there are 6 boys here that LOVE you and desperately need you, and are glad you are back!! Love you BABY!!

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Lynn said...

You made me cry, Jason! It's always good to let the people we love know they mean so much to us.
Add me to the list Cristy, I love ya, girl!