Saturday, March 21, 2009

Soccer Boys

Today marked the start of the official Nave soccer season! Two of our boys, our youngest two actually, desired to play soccer this year through the Upward Soccer League at our church. It has been so sweet to see their seriousness in making sure that they are at their practices and today's game on time and in order! Jason and I have been chuckling as they express with great animation everything their coaches tell them.
This morning's games began at 9:00 cold...and man was it cold!!! The winds were whipping on that open field and Nathan's 5 year old team was having difficulty playing because they were all freezing at first! Once they got to running, they forgot the cold and had alot of fun trying to kick the ball into the goals.
By Luke's game at 11:00 the winds had died down a little and the sun was warming things up a bit so it wasn't quite as cold, but it never did get overly warm. Luke had a blast running up and down the field, and especially in his most dramatic way of kicking the ball and falling down! We all laughed as over and over he fell with the only reason being that he truly enjoys falling down! I think it gives him the feeling of really giving it his all.
Both teams did a great job and had so much fun and I must say that the viewers did as well. It appears to be the beginning of a great season and I know for sure there are at least 2 little players who are really proud to be out there!

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