Friday, February 6, 2009

A Living Education

Our family is doing a unit study approach this year so that all of the children are studying the same thing and our attention is less divided. While this has not been a "perfect" homeschool year, we have had an exciting time learning about a variety of countries and cultures. At this point, we are finishing up 3 weeks of studying Africa, so we thought it would be alot of fun to get together with some other families to celebrate and strengthen what we have learned.
Whatever we are studying becomes so much more interesting and alive to us if we have the opportunity to hear from someone who has a passion for what we are studying. So, we asked our friend, Susan, to come over and share with our families her love and knowledge of Africa. I am so glad that we did!
She shared so many interesting things with us along with pictures and stories of her travels to Africa in the last 7 years. She also brought pieces of art and jewelry and traditional African clothing. We learned of the customs of the beautiful people there and amazing stories of God's grace in their lives.
Afterwards, we all delved into the various foods that each family had prepared - different recipes from Africa! We tasted fried plaintains, banana fritters, Peanut Toffee, Traditional African rice, and so much more. Oh, and how could I forget the Malta drink? Noone could forget a sip of that!
Although at times I may grow weary in our homeschooling, days like today remind me how thankful I am to have the great priviledge of educating our children at home, learning along with them, and strengthening our family relationships.

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The Timms Family said...

Thank you again for inviting us to participate! We all SO enjoyed hearing about Susan's passion for the people of Ghana... and we look forward to hearing about your adventures there as well!